I decided to start 2016 off a bit differently. Normally I’d write a recap post for 2015 listing all the things I didn’t do, and how I was going to finally do them this year. Because this year is totally different than all the others before it.

Right. So, new year, new way of doing things. First, the blog. It hasn’t gotten any love in pretty much a year, so I’m here kicking the dust off of it, fighting away all of the spiders and rodents that have nested in the past 12 months. New platform, it’s running on hexo a static site generator that runs on node.

Why Node? Well, I got tired of dealing with the hassle of my jekyll powered blog, sure it ran, but everytime I wanted to go back to it I had to remember to install ruby, python, jekyll, pygments and I hadn’t used any of those in a super long time. So just getting my blog viewable on my laptop was a nightmare, never mind trying to get it to run on my desktop (which is windows based). Forget it.

As part of the transition, I decided to not port a lot of my older posts. This is mostly just because I’m too lazy to grind through the changes necessary to get the posts to work with the new blog platform. I moved over 2 of my most popular posts, if you’re looking for other posts, check out the git repo.

If you’re suuuuper interested in having me move a post over for whatever reason then open an issue on github and I’ll do it.

So, new blog. What else?

Well we’re going to go back to this whole living healthy thing. It worked well in 2012 when I was on my way to getting married - I was at an all-time low of 235lbs. I’d like to get down there again. I’ve spent the last 2 years hovering around 270-280 and it’s not enjoyable. It’s that awkward part of being a big person where your lower half of your body is still holding out hope that the top half will go back to being thinner. It is awful and frustrating and I pretty much hate myself everyday.

More Writing. Yep. Twitter - and my own self-doubt - have ruined my writing ability. It’s time to get back into this and churn some stuff out that I can be happy with, and maybe (hopefully) write some stuff that other people find valuable too.

New year, new sheriff in town. Time will tell how well the new rule goes.