• 1GAM Retrospective for January

    I finished my first 1GAM (one game a month) entry: Play-Z! Play it and let me know what you think. My first month is over and I’m pretty happy with the result. I’ve got my one game for this month, however I stutter-stepped a bit with another idea at the beginning. I was asked to speak at a meetup to talk about making games in ImpactJS early in the month so I decided to kill...... Read More

  • Resolutions for 2015

    It’s a new year, time to make improvements. Last year I didn’t set any goals, so there was nothing to measure, but I ended the year unhappy with what it felt like I got done. Time to fix that. I didn’t have any data to look at to compare where I was with where I wanted to be. So this year my wife and I sat down on New Years Eve and shared our resolutions...... Read More

  • Download youtube videos via powershell

    Each week I record a podcast with @JohnBubriski where we talk about the latest goings on with our vidya game startup: Frag Castle Games. We record each episode via Google Hangouts so they get published to youtube. This takes away a lot of the headaches that recording a podcast via Skype can have, but it adds a smaller one: getting our audio as an MP3 so we can ship it off to everyone who listens...... Read More

  • Work-around for EINVAL, read when running Hubot locally

    tl;dr - just delete the .hubot-history file in your local hubot install directory Earlier today I was trying to test out pull request submitted by someone for our hubot-trello plugin. Testing hubot locally is pretty straightforward: install a hubot instance somewhere on your machine (we often use a subdirectory named test) use npm link to make the files in your plugin source directory available to the new hubot install do any environment variable setup you...... Read More

  • Identity woes in SqlServer

    My wife was having some trouble with a sharepoint farm at her work - one of the sites had gone into a wierd semi-read-only mode. Any time someone tried to create or edit content - or upload a file, the site would show an error page and when she checked the error message the error message was less than helpful. Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int. We talked about it for a...... Read More

  • Speaking Protips

    When I was a kid I hated speaking in public. I would get so nervous that I would break out in a cold sweat, get super nauseous and completely freeze up, unable to speak a lot of the time I stood up in front of a classroom. So I started looking for more occasions to speak out, presentations during class and after school events for starters. I took public speaking and debate in college and...... Read More

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